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Going Wild Could Be the Best Move You Ever Make. Why?


Benefit from a Proven Concept

Wild Wing offers an established concept that appeals to families, friends, couples, sports teams and more.


Outstanding Support
We’re with you every step of the way. Our franchisees run their restaurant using an established concept under the direction of an accomplished management team.


Wild Wing has fewer obstacles to ownership than many other restaurant franchises, thanks to our established support system, flexible options and low franchise fees and royalties.
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How much does your franchise cost?
The Total Turn-Key investment for a NEW Wild Wing Restaurant of approximately 1,800-3,000 square feet ranges anywhere from $450,000-$750,000 ($250 per square foot). It should be noted that every construction project is different and hence costs may be materially different.
What are the requirements?
We look for sites that meet the following requirements:

  • Size: 1,800 to 3,000 square feet
  • Exposure: Standalone, corner or end-cap are ideal, preferably with a patio
  • Architecture: Building must offer new exterior cladding and high Parapet Facade
  • Frontage:Minimum of 18-20 feet is ideal
  • Ceiling Height: 14 feet minimum (exposed ducting/truss system preferred)
  • HVAC: Suitable for restaurant with kitchen. Must be able to accommodate commercial style restaurant venting hood – 1 ton of cooling for every 600 square feet
  • Gas Service: 2.5 inch incoming gas line. 1,000,000 BTUs
  • Parking: Ideally 30-35 dedicated parking spaces (if not a high pedestrian area)
  • Signage: Size of exterior signage must permit reasonable visibility at a distance of 50 yards
Can I convert my existing restaurant to a Wild Wing?
When all basic site requirements are met, Wild Wing will consider retrofitting an existing restaurant or series of restaurants. Retrofits are preferred as the costs of retrofitting are substantially lower than new-builds.
What’s the franchising process?
To start, please fill out the short inquiry form below. A member of our franchising team will follow up with you and guide you through the rest of the process. This includes completion of the franchise application form. Upon approval of your application and your financial information by the Franchisor, you will be provided with a Franchise Disclosure Document. Franchisees have 2 weeks to review this document and are then expected to sign a Franchise agreement and pay the Franchise Fee.
If you’re ready, you can also download and send us the full franchise application form (available below).
How do marketing and advertising work?
Wild Wing uses a variety of innovative marketing tools and techniques to entice customers from all over Canada.
What’s the training process like?
The Wild Wing training team prides itself on providing exceptional training. We cannot emphasize enough how important it is to not only be proud of your product, but to know it inside and out. Wild Wing Hospitality Inc. provides all its new franchisees training that focuses on the practical aspects of the operation. Training is held at a designated Wild Wing training facility, and is conducted by a team of our corporate trainers.
What kind of support does Wild Wing provide to its franchisees?
To ensure consistency throughout the Wild Wing chain, our operations team is on hand to assist new and existing franchisees in everything from preparing and opening their first Wild Wing restaurant to maintaining and monitoring its progress.

Steps to Ownership

Franchise Fee
$35,000 Plus Applicable Taxes (Unencumbered)
Rent, Security, Deposits
Approximately $20,000 (Unencumbered)
Project Development
Approximately $20,000 (Unencumbered)
Approximately $200,000 to $600,000 (50% Unencumbered)
Inventory, Working Capital, Incidentals
Approximately $25,000

Current Opportunities


Toronto - Midtown
North York
Richmond Hill
Stoney Creek


Moose Jaw
Prince Albert


Fort McMurray
For more locations, call franchising at (289) 319-2734 ext. 1

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